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September 2011 - Here's a copy of Jody's report: Duck Hunting Site Assessment Report (Adobe PDF). Part of the recommendations from the report suggested aerial seeding for the North and South Sloughs as well as the Beaver Swamp.  Here is a picture of the Ag Plane flying south over the Duck Release Road.


2010-2011 - New Waterfowl Committee. The Board of Directors has commissioned a new waterfowl committee to address the continued enthusiasm for creating better waterfowl hunting on Heart's Desire.  The chairman of the committee will be Rusty Dunn with assistance from Tommy Hawkins and Robert Alexander.  For professional guidance, the group has contacted Jody Pagan a wildlife biologist specializing in creating habitat in and around Stuttgart, Arkansas.  See the website for his company and their services at Jodie's first visit to HD is scheduled for Tuesday, March 22 at 10 AM @ HD.

Jodie's first visit to HD is scheduled for Tuesday, March 22 at 10 AM @ HD.

January 28, 2007 - Closed out the Season with 215 ducks - 107 in the last 7 days.


BrentChanceSonwgreenhead<<<<<Bo Chance and his Green Head.

BrentChanceandsonwithSuzieandGreenBo Chance and his dad Brent with 2 Mallards.





December 10, 2006 - Jimmy Love, Nat Harris and Strut (his first duck hunt)..


Opening Weekend December 2, 2006 - Tommy Hawkins and his grandson Thomas...


ArniesGoDevilWarEagleSaturday October 16, 2004 - Declaring that 2004-05 is going to be a great year for ducks, guess who showed up with a new toy?  Arnie Pittman delivered his new War Eagle john boat with a 16 hp Go Devil complete with a fancy Avery Blind.



Thanksgiving Day, November 27, 2003 - Opening Day, Duck Hunting.

OpeningWeekend2003copyOpening day was very wet.  However, 6 hunters braved the weather and harvested 27 ducks by 9:30 AM. Frank Stephens, Arnie Pittman, Robert Alexander, Billy Coble, Billy's nephew, Wilson Burton, April Burton Hedges and her husband Dylan.  Rumors have it that the stars of the show were "Lucky", Robert's 14 month old Lab, who retrieved flawlessly on his first hunt, and Dylan Hedges who killed his first ducks ever.

Something about this picture suggest someone may have killed more suzies than others...


 NatFrank2SuziesNedRobertandCazzie11402  OpeningDay2001  nedwoodducks2002a  OvertheLimit11002

OpeningDayGooseSeason2003ResizedOpening Day of 2003 Goose Season as enjoyed by Will Morgan, Richard Speer and Wilson Burton.   

On the Tennessee River, a few miles north of Heart's Desire is the Tennessee National Wildlife Refuge Duck River Unit, and a few miles south is the Busseltown Unit.  Every migrant bird on this flyway passes over our 1.7 mile river frontage with 400 + acres of fertile bottom lands crowded with DU-assisted waterfowl impoundments, swamps, sloughs and an expanse of unharvested crops under water to lure the web-footed creatures.  And, oh yes, some floating blinds, pits, and a few other spots have been strategically located.  Our "honey holes" are getting better every year.

To add an extra lure to migrating waterfowl and expand our hunter success, Heart's Desire raises, bands and releases about 1,000 wild-strain mallards each year. This current season, 2002, we actually released 1,500.  While many of these release ducks get harvested on other nearby property, as well as in other states (see for band return information), more are killed on our property than anywhere else.  Some are bagged in following seasons as they return to their original nests.  Needless to say, they bring their flying friends with them.

In 2002 the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency asked for and received permission to release geese on our property.  They ran out of bands after freeing the first thousand honkers and still had several hundred to turn loose.  Heart's Desire received all of them.  Naturally, this year, more geese were taken in the first fall season than had been taken in the clubs fifteen year history.  The regular season should be more of the same.