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For a copy of the entire 2010 Tennessee Hunting and Trapping Guide, including the 2011 Turkey Regulations, go to:

Heart's Desire's property is ideally situated due to its 1.7 mile frontage on the Tennessee River, 400 acres of bottomland, 43 acres of Cypress swamp, and 3,500 acres of hills - all contiguous and thereby offering the terrain diversity and flyway proximity needed to optimize both land and waterfowl hunting.  The area is well known in Decatur County for providing large populations of wild turkey, white tail deer and waterfowl.  The only two Boone and Crockett deer taken in Decatur County were shot near Heart's Desire.  Likewise, the Tennessee River (or, Kentucky Lake) provides the flyway and refuge for ducks and geese.  We supply the food.

A 300 yard range is available to make certain weapons are zeroed, scopes are centered, shotguns are patterned, bow sights are aligned correctly, new hunters are familiar with their weapons and are confident in the placement of their shot,  etc.  All youngsters in the annual Juvenile Hunt are required to demonstrate their proficiency prior to hunting.  Likewise, most old timers take advantage of this practice facility.

Members enjoy unlimited use of the 29 box stands, over 25 metal ladder stands, over 25 ground blinds, over 10 floating duck blinds, two duck and goose pits, several hundred decoys, etc.